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responsibilities of the maid of honorWeddings are hard work, and it falls to the maid of honor to help handle some important details. She’s the go-to person for the bride when it comes to guidance, a fresh perspective and, well, some of the heavy lifting. Ladies, the bride is then “QUEEN” of the day, “THE CENTRE OF ATTRACTION”. I say this because i have noticed a common thing, because you are the maid of honor and you are wearing an elegant dress, shoe, hair and makeup doesn’t make you anywhere equal to the bride. for God sake you are the “MAID” of honor, you are at the service of the bride. But most MOH’s forget their duties, instead they feel like the super star of the day. I have seen brides trip over their dresses while the MOH is busy standing and smiling at the camera. Or do I talk about a sweating bride, while the MOH is busy making sure she is not stained with sweat. Being tapped as an honor attendant can be a chore, but it’s also a tremendous compliment and a lot of fun. If you’re on the lookout for fresh information you can use for your own wedding, participating in a friend’s arrangements can be an eye opener that may save you time. The maid of honor also has some specific wedding day duties beyond wearing a big smile and keeping the bride happy:


responsibilities of the maid of honor* Be the messenger if the bride wants to communicate messages to the family or groom so you are always up on what is going on.


* Host or cohost a bridal shower for the bride. (If any)


* Attend all prewedding parties. (If any)


* Plan the bachelorette party with the bridesmaids (if any)


* Help the bride with her veil and train (if she has one). I have seen many weddings where brides have tripped on their train which takes away from her experience for a moment.


* Handle dress and veil issues. Maneuverability could be important here, even in the restroom, so this is an important and sometimes unexpected duty involving lifting, fluffing, arranging and rearranging.


* Check the last minute details, like instructions for the photographer and deliveries to the hall.


* Help make sure the bride has privacy if she needs some quiet time before the ceremony.


* Have as many white handkerchiefs as you can get. And don’t forget to carry a spare footwear in case the bride is feeling uneasy on her heels, she can easily switch to a more comfortable one.


* Be your friend’s “right-hand-woman” at the altar. She may be very nervous and you can be the calming source with your presence.



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