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There some crucial things that you are to consider when dressing up for special events, example: hair, makeup, jewelleries, footwear, bag/purse, And above all dress or lemme say what to wear.
Let’s just say you are invited to walk on the red carpet, the things listed below are the things that you are to consider,

Makeup:            do not overdo the makeup. You may think that this is the moment to go all out and try some new looks. It is not in your best

tips to be red carpet ready

interest to try on a look that you are not comfortable with. If you will wear a bold red lipstick, wear a subtle eye makeup. If you will wear a smokey eye, wear a subtle lip colour, do not get too excited and go all out with bold colours. Else you will look like a painted masquerade. And do not get to cautious and go all out with subtle colours, always knows the features that you will play up and the features that you will play down. You can as well hire a professional makeup artist to do the job.


Hair:                         hire a professional hair stylist, with lots of experience to do the job. The colour of your skin, the shape of you face, your personality, the dress you chose, the makeup, even you carriage are the things to be considered in choosing the “on point” hairdo for you.


Dress code:            first of all find out; what kind of red carpet it is, this is because every red carpet has a dress code, from formal to black tie, featured-image8depending on the host of the event. Understanding the dress code, helps you select the perfect outfit for the event. Cocktail has become the new black tie so you can always get away with a little black dress that can also be in any colour. It is also interesting to note that you do not need to spend your life savings to get one


Statement jewellery:             always focus on a bold statement look, but be careful and do not overcrowd the neck, the arm and fingers with jewelleries. If your outfit has lots of embellishment on them, wear less accessories. If you are wearing earrings you can wear bracelets, and if you are wearing necklace you can wear a ring.

163377_548837971795821_1785991744_nSmall purse will do:               big daytime purse ruins a great look. Take a clutch. Not too big. After all it’s just an accessory.

Some killer heels:                    amazing killer heels is another way to show off. The higher the better, but you can opt for wedges which are obviously comfortable if the stilettos are too much of a hassle. Again make sure that the shoes are padded, so that you can comfortable wearing them.

skin moisture:                            try to stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluid preferably water. Do not to forget to moisturize if you are going to bare your legs and arms.

Perfume:                                   last but not the least, wear perfume. It’s extremely important.



I use to believe that styling a man is an easy thing to do, but fashion is the new statement for men in this present day and age. Men are even more fashion savvy than the ladies.
Some will go the extent of requesting for makeup to cover some spots, marks and to look really good.

Hair:                                     a nice neat hair cut is very important, whether it is weave, dreadlocks, bald hair, it has to be neat and in order.

Dress code:                       fashion for the gentlemen is really trending, and the gentlemen are really stylish. Just like I said earlier, every red carpet has a TIPS TO BE RED CARPET READYcode. In all of the endless choices you make sure that you don’t land yourself on the worst dressed list. Colour coordination should be taken into consideration.

Footwear:                       the stylish fashion will not be complete without good footwear. The right choice of footwear will compliment your outfit. Also make sure that the footwear is a comfortable.

Accessories:                    accessories like necklace, cufflink, wristwatch, male bracelet/bangle, belt, designer glasses, hat (if necessary). Shouldn’t be left out, every detail has to be taken care of.

Perfume:                           wear a perfume, you will be happy you did.

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